3 Simple Steps for Eliminating Stress in Your Life Now

3 Simple Steps for Eliminating Stress in Your Life Now

stress-300I do not really believe that it is possible to live a stress free life; stress is a part of life. Stress is what makes life interesting and challenging in so many ways. However, not every stressful event is of value to us. Some stress can be unnecessary. The dictionary defines stress as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Most of us have felt some kind of strain or tension when we are faced with a demanding or difficult situation but not all of us have cracked under pressure.

So what makes some people crack under pressure when faced with difficult situations while others simply thrive under pressure with very little signs of stress? Well, here are 3 simple steps that people who manage their stress level effectively use to thrive under pressure.


When you accept that you have to do whatever it is that is required of you at any given moment you eliminate suffering and gain control of the situation. Resistance or refusing to face the current situation only causes stress. And that which you resist will simply keep on persisting.

Jane a registered nurse always seemed to run behind every day with the patient’s medications. Her boss had already reprimanded her several times and she was under pressure to improve her performance. So when Jane came to see me she was in denial and was about to resign because she felt that her boss did not like her. When I brought it to her attention that the solution was really very simple; she was surprised. When Jane accepted and acknowledged that she was giving the patient’s medications late and this could be a problem her mind opened up as to what could be a solution to the problem. She stopped taking extra breaks in between medication passes and this simple act helped her finish her work on time.

By accepting her situation, Jane was able to identify where the problem was occurring and she was also able to come up with a perfect solution to the problem. Jane no longer has issues with her patients or her boss and she is thriving at work.

Letting Go

We cannot control everything. Most of us wish that we could have everything go our way all the time. This is a sure fire way of getting stressed out.  We cannot control people and situations. People will do what they want and situations and things will happen. Learning to let go and allowing people to be just as they are is very key in eliminating our stress level.

When I was working as a unit manager in a hospital, I remember one afternoon where it seemed like we were having problem after problem. At one point I had an emergency with one of the patients and I was also being summoned into another room with a family member. Plus one of the doctors was upset and he wanted my attention as well at that very moment.

I quickly realized that I could not please everyone and I had to simply let go of the need to please and avoid looking bad. I reassessed the situation according to priority and made my decision as to who would get my immediate attention. The patient with the emergency needed me the most and so I focused on him.  I delegated the other two problems and kept it moving. By letting go of the need to please everyone and wanting to control everything we can start to eliminate stress in our life now.


Create awareness in everything that you do. When we become fully conscious of what we are doing at each moment we will eliminate having to repeat tasks because we will do it right the first time. Awareness cultivates excellence. By being aware of our environment and ourselves we can easily and quickly identify stressors and eliminate them from our day. When we practice awareness of how we spend our day we can start to see clearly when we are procrastinating or when we are being very productive. This awareness can help us to plan out our day and spread out our workload so that we are fully engaged and motivated to produce and take rests at appropriate times.

One of my clients realized that she does her best work early in the morning. So in order to capitalize on her morning energy levels, she decided come to the office earlier than everyone else and work on all the big projects that needed her full attention at that peak time for her. By coming in two hours early she was able to accomplish a lot of work but most importantly she would leave to go home one hour earlier than everyone else before rush hour traffic.

By practicing awareness in everything that we do we can eliminate a lot of stress down the line. And most importantly awareness allows us to see areas in our life that really need to be addressed and realigned.

The sure fire way to eliminate stress now in 3 simple steps is to start to practicing acceptance, letting go and creating awareness in everything that you do.

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