5 Simple Action Steps to Combat FOMO- Fear of Missing Out

FOMOYes! It is Friday! For all those single ladies and gents out there, Friday can be torturous. Friday is usually date night for most people. Also Friday is a time to catch-up time with friends for a drink or two in the town. If you do not have a date or if you are in the process of awakening certain scenes might not be of interest to you anymore. Hanging out with friends getting drank and acting a fool might not be how you want to spend your evening. If you are single, you might also find yourself sitting at home alone feeling like you are missing out on something.

However for some people spending time alone can be very challenging because they are not used to being alone. Being home alone might have you feeling left out and you might even feel like you are suffering from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

I know that this was the case for me most Fridays. I would feel left out especially because I no longer wanted to just go out and party; I was so over the partying scene once I started transforming my life and getting in touch with my authentic self. Most of the time I would feel left out and alone but I also knew that this was only temporary and would not last for long.

So how do you get over FOMO? Well, here are 5 action steps that I have used effectively to make sure that I no longer feel like I am missing out on anything that is going on. when I was home on a Friday night or any other time that I could not be available for an event I would take these action steps.


Trust in All That Is. I had to learn to trust that everything was working according to plan and that I was in the right place at the right time. If your inner voice is calling you to stay home and work on you, then trust that voice and know that you are being guided in the right direction. There will be plenty of times to hang out with friends and the right date will show up when they are meant to. You do not have to be out there just because that is what everybody else is doing. Trust that you are being guided in the right direction.


Practice acceptance. I had to allow and accept it to be okay not to have a date or not to go out on a Friday. After all I discovered that when I did stay home on Fridays and took care of myself, my Saturdays were even more productive. I had no hangovers and I did not have to sleep in late to catch up on my sleep. Accept and allow it to be okay that you are single. When you do this you will start to attract other people who are confident and comfortable with who they are. It works 🙂


When I first started spending time with myself I had to come up with creative ways to have fun alone. I planned spa dates, facials, massages, manicures and pedicures. I also planned museum, library and art gallery visits, hikes, dance, and also arts and crafts dates. This allowed me to connect to myself and nurture who I am. When we spend quality time alone we attract people who will treat us just as we are treating ourselves: WITH TENDER LOVING CARE. Focus on knowing who you are first and the right mate, events and circumstances will come your way and most importantly you will not feel like you are missing out on anything because your life will be jam packed with fun activities.


When you are alone and fearful that you are missing out, remember that you are never really alone. Use this time wisely to meditate and connect with your inner guide. Take time to find out what is the next step for you in your life. Sitting in stillness is a very good tool to use when you are feeling anxious and not sure what to do with yourself. God always knows what is good for you and what better time than when you are feeling alone to remember to connect with Source and find out what God has in store for you.


There will be times that your FOMO will be pointing to something that maybe you are interested in doing or maybe even something deeper: that you are not happy with where you are in life and you want a change. So before you dismiss your FOMO, look deep within you to make sure that you are not ignoring a desire that you wish to fulfill in your life. The key here is to know exactly what is important to you and what will make you happy.

If FOMO has been bringing you down do not worry, everything is working itself out, practice these 5 simple action steps and you will clear out all that negative energy. If you have any FOMO STORIES PLEASE DO SHARE! I hope you have a FOMO free day!

Much Love


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