Meet Esther Yarrington

Everyone has a unique life story to share with the world; a message given by the Creator that will set each one of us apart. Before Esther Yarrington discovered her unique brand of message, before she could clearly define her message and speak her truth to the masses, her life was riddled with hardships and challenges. No one would have believed that one day she would be living a prosperous and successful life.

Esther grew up in a third world country, the 10th child of an illiterate mother and father who worked hard to feed them and give them an education. She was sexually and emotionally abused by her teachers and relatives from an early age of 7, widowed at the age of 23, divorced and a single mother of 3 by the age of 30. Life seemed like a continuous struggle with no room for escape.

Instead of accepting this as her life story Esther worked hard and at the age of 21 moved to America where she put herself through college and became a Registered Nurse. Esther has worked with thousands of patients to help them heal and find peace with their ailing bodies.

After 15 years as a Registered Nurse Esther had a calling to work with more than just patients in the hospitals. She wanted to work with people who had deeper wounds; wounds that most people did not talk about or go to the doctor to seek treatment for.

Through her personal experiences, traumas and challenges, Esther is equipped with a unique way of looking at life that is fresh and authentic. By understanding her traumas and painful past she was able to tap into her Divine Purpose. Her life’s mission is to assist others to live their truth by embracing themselves fully.

Esther believes that once we understand our traumas, our hurts and pain then and only then can we return to our Divine Essence, our true authentic selves who are capable of achieving anything that we set our minds to.