Are You Chasing Money Away?

chasing-moneyThis might seem like a strange question but the truth is it carries a lot of power within it. I always believed that I had a healthy relationship with money but the truth is I had a rude awakening when I discovered that money and I had a love-hate relationship and that I had been chasing money away from my life even though I claimed that I wanted to have plenty of money so that I can live a good life and help my family.

I mean who doesn’t want to have lots of money and live comfortably?

Well, I discovered some very interesting things about money and I that blew me away. I had been chasing money away most of my life. I made plenty of money and just as fast it would all be gone. I want to share with you some of the things that I discovered about money and dearest me and how this discovery has helped me heal and repair my relationship with money. Maybe you already know these things and that is awesome, P.S. You lucky son of a gun! If not I hope you will benefit from this article and stop chasing money away from you and start attracting it in truck loads 🙂 so here we go!

Apparently Money Has Feelings

Okay that sounds strange even saying it but it is true. Money is energy just like you and I. So I will give you a quick example, If you knew that I was always badmouthing you to people, would not want to hang out with m? Well, that goes for money as well.  Because money is energy, when you talk ill about money or people who have money in anyway shape or form, money will avoid you like a plague. Talking about celebrities and saying how they are wasteful and so on also keeps money away from you. So now that you know, simply stop talking ill about anyone that has money.

Our Limiting Beliefs Chase Money Away

If you grew up in a community where money was seen as evil; you may have a conditioning that makes you feel that it is wrong to want to have lots of money because having money makes you an evil person. I grew up in a very poor neighborhood in a “third world country”. I was conditioned to believe that money was evil. Even the fact that my country was referred to as third world made me feel poor and broke. This belief repelled money away from me. I worked hard, in fact I worked very hard but money still kept running away from me.  So I went back to college to get more education to earn more money but guess what? Money didn’t care that I had a PhD or a masters degree it still ran away from me faster than a gazelle. So the only way to stop money from running away was to change my belief pattern around money.

We Have Emotional Money Wounds

Every time I would ask for money my mom or dad would say ” What do you think, money grows on trees? I don’t have any money, I can’t buy that for you now, No there is too many of you to feed you don’t need that, what is wrong with you?” And the list goes on. As a child I felt wounded every time I asked for money. I was afraid of asking for money. The subject of money caused me great suffering. Not having money was a pain. I had a love hate relationship with money. Money had caused me a lot of pain and I needed to heal these wounds if I was going to have a healthy relationship with money. FYI I even noticed at times that when my kids would ask me for something my immediate response if I am cash challenged would be to say a version of what was said to me as a child.

So the question is…are you suffering from emotional money wounds ? And if so, have you healed those wounds? Because the truth is until you heal those wounds money will be a painful subject that elicits painful memories. And who wants to be in pain? Subconsciously you will be chasing money away from you because it is a painful subject that you do not feel comfortable with.

Our Family Values Around Money

So how your family views money also matters a lot if you are going to have and keep tons of money. The funny thing is that this is actually a generational thing. It is not a coincidence that rich people keep getting richer and poor people get poorer. The rich have been taught to have a healthy relationship with money; they respect money. Have you ever noticed that rich people do not talk about money? They only talk about ideas about making more money but hardly about money itself. This is because they know it is rude and in poor taste to talk about “someone” in this case money (since it has feelings remember?) So instead they only talk about how they can make more money and become prosperous. So in my family we spoke very poorly about money as I mentioned earlier.

Our family motto was to survive another day. Let us survive another day. This lack mentality was passed down to me unconsciously and I began to live life in the same way. Let me survive another day. Let me live pay check to pay check. I lived a life of expecting not to have plenty. I lived life in a lack mentality. So what is your family value around money? What has been passed down to you subconsciously that you need to identify in order to have a healthy relationship with money?

When we heal our money wounds and start telling ourselves new and better stories around money, our life will start to transform and our money issues will begin to resolve. Heal you wounds, create a healthy relationship with money. Stop talking to people about your lack of money and money will start to come to you.

To Your Success


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