Are You Seeing The Glass Half Empty?

shauri-moyoFor a very long time I did not see how lucky and blessed I was. I had been conditioned by my environment to only see the negative side of things…THE HALF OF THE GLASS THAT WAS EMPTY. I was not the only one though in my neighborhood that did this. The truth is that, I grew up in a community where we did not have much. Most of us had to work very hard to get anything. We were basically dirt poor.

In American standards you could say that where I grew up in Kenya was like the equivalent of the projects here in America. Growing up I developed a mentality that rich people were evil because this is what was spread around in the community, the government is corrupt and out to make our life miserable, do not trust the police, do not trust men they all cheat, take all you can from the government and scam them if you can because they are scamming us. Businessmen are corrupt etc

Maybe I am not the only one, maybe you too grew up in an environment where you were conditioned to only see the negative side of things and not realize that there is another way of looking at our situation that actually empowers us and moves us to see our condition differently.

Negative cannot exist alone. If there is a negative side to anything by law there has to be a positive side to it as well. This is what is known as the universal law of polarity. Unfortunately though, some of us have been taught to only see one side of this equation…the half empty side. The side that is negative and lacking.

This way of looking at our condition does not empower us. Instead it only keeps us stuck looking at the half empty glass wishing that it could be filled up with our hopes and dreams. We end up living life half empty because we are constantly focusing on our lack and not being appreciative of what we already have in our glass.

Deep down within me as a child this belief always made me uncomfortable. I knew instinctively that there had to be a better way and so I became a loner and determined to create my own beliefs. I developed an intense desire to come to America. I believed that if I came to America I will have made it. I dreamed of one day coming to America every day, I looked at magazines from America with the glossy pictures and prayed to God to please bring me to this wonderful land.

(FYI…Dream better dreams…lol this to me as a child growing in up in a third world country was equivalent to winning the lottery. The only problem is…I did not specify what I wanted to do or become once I got to America and so I followed other people’s plans for my life after I got to America…lol. So the dream came true but then I had to dream another dream…hehehe! okay back to my train of thought).

Growing up in the slums, I somehow knew that if I blocked off all the conditioning in my community, I would finally start seeing the glass not half empty but FULL. FULL because all my dreams were coming true, full because I had a family that loved me and I was lucky to have a meal everyday when other children around me in neighboring countries were dying every day, I was blessed because my country was also not at war. And with that attitude I dreamed everyday of a better life and I learned to see my glass as full and life became full.

So, how are you looking at your glass? Half empty? Half full? Or are you looking at your glass as simply FULL? Is your glass full enough to give you all that you have ever dreamed of? Or are you still only looking at half of the equation? The truth is your glass is both half full and half empty. Being able to appreciate this truth is what allows us to see our glass as full. Life really is how you view it. If you see everything as adding value to you then you will have added value in your life. But if you see life as being negative then that is what you will get.

So choose to see your life as full and you will get satisfying conditions at all times, even during those times when crazy things are happening, for you will know that there is benefit to the craziness that is going on. For craziness cannot exist without calm. To your success, much love.

FYI…The houses pictured housed 12 families who each lived in a single room with their families. Looking back now what I know for sure is that I am blessed beyond measure.

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