Fear is Your Friend

Fear.egg_28d661Most of my life I was taught to be afraid of one thing or another. This teaching was not done directly but somehow it was passed down to me subconsciously from my peers, teachers, family and society in general. Fear really got such a bad rap that I was so “afraid of being afraid.” People would often say “don’t be afraid it will be Okay” BUT strangely enough I would be afraid, very afraid.

Well the truth is (in my opinion) fear is really our best ally. Fear is simply a messenger alerting you to a “story” or belief that is not serving you well. When I am fearful, I now know that my fear is simply telling me that I am holding on tight to “an outdated story” or a belief system that is no longer working. A story that is no longer true because my Higher Self has already evolved and I need to catch up 🙂 Cool isn’t it! Your Higher self is already living the life that you desire. Simply catch up and it will soon be your reality.

So next time when you get fearful simply talk to your fear; ask it what the message is, be calm and listen. Ask what you are believing in right now. For example I used to be afraid of making videos. So I asked my fear what the deal was and I got this message “I had created a story that I was not good enough, I was not clear enough and I had nothing important to say” Well I then thanked my fear. I looked at the story/belief and realized it was not true. I had made it up. And so I went ahead and made a pact with my fear to create a new program to do one video a day just for fun and I called it 365 Tips to Thrive.

So today I want to challenge you and invite you to create a love affair with your fear. Get excited every time you feel it knocking at your door, welcome it and invite it in for tea. Ask it what the message for the day is and make a plan on how to accomplish that message. Fear when turned into an ally will serve you so well and life will be super cool and joyous!!

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