God Is Always Supporting You

cake2My kids baked a vanilla cake last night and I wanted some of it so badly. Deep down I knew that I had a commitment to myself to remain true to my choices and stay as far away from the cake as possible BUT my mind kicked in and quietly whispered. “It is okay, just have a small piece. You are eating it CONSCIOUSLY, in an awakened state. Just eat the cake without any judgement.”

Another thought then came rushing through my mind and it said “The cake will taste even better if you make a cup of tea and enjoy it with the warm cake.”

All this was happening as I was sitting in my living room working on some stuff. So my mind finally managed to convince me and I liked the idea. The plan was then that I would finish working on my project, then make a cup of tea and enjoy a piece of warm vanilla cake. So I proceeded to work on the project happily, eagerly looking forward to my warm vanilla cake and cinnamon apple spice tea.

When I was done with my project I got up and went into the kitchen and the first thing that I saw was an empty cake pan sitting in the sink. There was no cake. OMG! Where is the cake? Are you kidding me? Where is the vanilla cake? I freaked out! I want some cake, there better be piece of cake left. Where is the vanilla cake? Here I was panicking about a piece of vanilla cake.

I shouted my daughter’s name as if my life depended on it “Jeze’el, Jeze’el where is the cake?” And she sweetly answered “Mom we ate it all. It was so good. We also gave the last piece to uncle and he loved it.”

What? Where is my piece?” I asked her And again she said in that sweet innocent voice that I love so much, “Mom you don’t eat sweet stuff so I gave uncle the last piece.”

Boy! At that moment I wanted to cry so bad. I really wanted that cake. All I could think of was “You mean there is no cake with my cinnamon apple spice tea? Are you kidding me?”

When I stopped judging myself for wanting to eat a piece of cake CREATION/GOD and all the forces of the Universe supported me. My deepest desire is to be sugar free and my goal is to do it non-violently. Meaning I will be sugar free without being hard on myself.

So God used my sweet daughter to HELP ME REMEMBER AND HONOR MY DEEPEST DESIRE. She knew what I needed and she made sure it happened. God will use people around you to support you in all of your goals. Be easy on yourself, be real, be authentic and God will show up when you least expect it.

To Your Success
Love Queen Esther

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