Gossiping is Slow Suicide

gossipingMy daughter, when you gossip, when you complain, when you judge others; it really is never about them. It is always about YOU. It is  always about your own feelings of unworthiness and lack of self love. For when you love yourself deeply and completely you would never put your life in harms way so blatantly. Only a person who is UNAWARE of the Universal laws would commit such heinous acts. For gossiping, complaining, lying, cheating and judging others are all forms of slow suicide. A slow painful and ugly death.You are slowly killing yourself by attracting negative energy into your life when you do these things.

Love yourself fully and you will have no time for any of these low vibrational acts. Simply love yourself fully and completely my child, this one act is enough to transform your entire life. Self love opens up the mysterious door of knowing others as you know yourself. For when you do this fully and completely, you will be in touch with your human side and you will see as I see; when you bring another person’s house down you have already lit a match to your own house as well. So love yourself and all will be well

To Remembering

Your Father

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