How to Attract Anything in 60 Seconds or Less


If we can learn to live in the moment and hold positive thoughts for just 60 seconds, our attraction point will shift and we will start attracting those things that we need faster and faster into our life. Most of us would rather complain and keep explaining why things are not working out for them; retrain your mind so that you can start to hold a positive thought for at least 60 seconds.

It is usually much easier to talk about those things that we do not want, unfortunately this only brings the same kind of stuff into your reality. If you can refocus and hold positive thought in your mind every time you notice that you are starting to complain, be negative, judgmental and even gossipy your field of attraction will transform dramatically and you will start to attract those things that you have been wanting for such a long time. So set your clocks and timers and have fun with this.

Love Now and Always

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