How to Know If You Are Being Called into Your Life Purpose

LIFE PURPOSE2Each one of us has a unique gift to contribute to the world that was given to us by our creator; this gift is our Unique Brand. Like a finger print it is unique to each individual and only speaks to the person that it is designed for. If we fail to uncover this gift our life will remain to be a mystery with us running around trying to solve the mystery. Our purpose in life is to live life joyfully and abundantly with freedom, peace, power and full self expression. In order to be joyful we have to discover and follow through on what we believe is our true calling.

Finding your unique brand does not just happen it is a journey; a journey that sometimes can take years. No matter how long it takes, you owe it to yourself to discover your unique brand because once you connect with why you came on this earth everything else will make so much sense and things will start to fall in place all around you and life will flow ever so effortlessly.

1. Defining Moment   

At the beginning of the journey to connect to your life purpose and start living a purpose driven life, there can be a series of events that get’s the process moving to help you shed off your old self and get re-introduced to your authentic self. These events  act like catalysts by speeding up the shedding process  and bringing you closer into whom God created you to be—and become. This phase can be very scary and confusing. This is usually an invitation for us to transform and recreate our lives to serve a higher purpose with a new direction that is God driven.

2. Self- Reflection

Once your life purpose has been awakened in you, it will be necessary for you to take some time off to reflect on your life. Some people will also notice that they are no longer interested in doing things they used to love such as hanging out with friends, partying and so forth. This is a time of great learning. Reflect on all your experiences and relationships; by doing so you will notice a pattern that will soon help in revealing to you that you are being called into your life purpose.

3. Inspired Action

Once you are clear that you are being called into your life purpose take actions that make sense to you to move forward. It can be very scary. Some people have felt that they were being asked to quit their jobs and they have families to feed. Others have been asked to move to faraway places with no idea of how they will survive. You can either decide to say yes you are excited to move forward or no, it is too scary for you.  Saying yes to your calling ensures that you get to your life by design.

4. Evidence

When you say yes, the Universe will send you evidence to show you that you are not alone and that you are being supported. I remember when I finally let go and simply said yes I had a sense of inner knowing and peace. Even though I did not know how I was going to survive I just knew deep down that everything would work itself out.  Do not be too quick to quit when things are not working out. Meditate and ask God for wisdom on how to proceed during this time.

5. Study and Training 

The right books, teachers and tools that you need will start to show up in your life during this phase, immerse yourself in all of it and devour the information. You are being prepared for something bigger than yourself. Be very aware of things that will try to distract you from your calling; they will simply make the journey even harder. Study and develop yourself. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

 6. Sharing Your Gift

Now that you have been studying and training it is time to forge ahead into the world and share your gift with everyone. This can be very intimidating. When you step out you might find that there are so many things that you feel you need to know or do. Do not worry; you are in the perfect place at the perfect time. Trust that you are being guided by God; the right circumstance for your success will align themselves yet again.

7. Discernment

As you continue to discover more about yourself and refine your life purpose you will grow in spirit and many of the things that have happened to you will start to make much more sense at a deeper level. Discernment is a gift from God. It is our birth right but most of us have forgotten that we even have it. Discernment is your natural knowing. By using discernment you will start to make decisions and choices based on your sacred essence which will always lead you to your highest good. Be open; allow for God to guide you so that you can live the life you intended upon.

Love Now and Always


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