How to Manifest Anything Fast

manifestMy daughter, your nature is to create. Creating is what fulfills you. When you create, do it because it brings you joy and not because it will bring you recognition.

The allure of wanting to be recognized can be blinding, a prison, an addiction that cannot be quenched. A sickness that can block your creative juices from flowing. Like a dam you will soon become stale with no outlet for your creativity.

Don’t wish for recognition, if it comes great, if not oh well; you will ┬ástill have your work. Your work is what gives you ultimate joy. Recognition is like a drug that will keep you going for more with no sense of fulfillment.

You create because you are a creator. You do not create because you want your worthiness to come out of your creation. You are enough.

Do not get stuck because you believe your work is not good enough. Where did you get such an idea? Who decides if your work is great or not? You are all that ever matters. If you believe in your creation, if you love your work, if your work brings you joy then THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!

Create because you are a creator and not because you are seeking validation and a sense of self worth in your creation. I do not seek my worthiness from YOU as I am your creator. I simply AM

To Remembering
Your Father

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