How To Use Your Negative Emotions Positively

negative emotionsCompetition, Comparison, Jealousy, and Envy are all such a waste of time if we cannot shift our perception and understand why we are feeling the way that we feel. Everyone has a purpose given to them by the Creator; my story is different from yours, your life is different from mine and for that reason we cannot have the same wish list or even attract the same kind of clientele.

So why do we waste so much time feeling bad about our abilities, comparing ourselves to others, being jealous, envious and competing with others?

When envy and jealousy rises up within us they are actually pointing onto something, trying to get our attention so that we can focus our energy onto the right thing.  The first thing that I usually do when I feel these emotions crop up is to thank the feelings for they are pointing to something that my heart desires. Comparison, Envy and Jealousy are messengers pointing to something important, so pay attention!

Another important thing that you should do is thank the person who has brought this clarity to you. In fact, send them a note and tell them how amazing they are and how much you admire their work. When you do this the Universe has to match you with the same thing that you are admiring because instead of being jealous or envious you are now practicing appreciation and love. Your energy is now focused in the right direction and you are aligned with everything that you desire because you are seeing as Source does.

No one can deliver your message better than you, so there is no need for comparison and competition

Remember, there are people who are meant to be healers, connectors, marketers, leaders, teachers and so on, so comparing your self to others can rob you of finding your authentic self. When you compare yourself to other people you will miss out on your own uniqueness that makes you stand out from the rest of the pack.. Your message is your own and no one can deliver it better than you.

When you see something that you like in another person call it out, thank the person for igniting the fire in you to show you that this is something that is important to you. Thank them for showing you that it is possible to achieve it. When you say out loud what you want the Universe will send more of the same your way; call it out, name it and get super clear about your desires.

When you see that another person has progressed and is doing something that you would like to be doing, motivate yourself, go into competition with yourself and push yourself to accomplish your goal. The other person is simply showing you that it can be done. Whatever it is that you are wishing  for can be accomplished so go to work and get your stuff!

Always remain in a place of appreciation when you see what you want. The clearer you get in your message the more God will send confirmation your way.

You will start to see more successful people doing things that you wish you were doing, so be grateful, this is proof that you are on the right path. YOU ARE IN THE VORTEX! The Universe is matching you with things that you want. For example, if you wanted to write a book, you will start to notice a lot of people who have written books or are writing books. This is simply confirmation that you are on the right track. Your thoughts are starting to match and attract to you want and that is why you are seeing what you see in the world.

Do not mess it up by comparing yourself to others or by being envious and jealous. Speed the process up by being appreciative. Appreciate, Appreciate, Appreciate! Capitalize on what is happening, reach out to all those people who are showing up in your life who are doing the things you wish to do and bless them, ask for advice, ask to be mentored and they will gladly help you. God did not bring them into your consciousness for nothing. Trust in the Universe and do one crazy thing to achieve your dreams. Reach out to your mentors and they will help you as well.

Use the feeling of jealousy and envy to work for you because the truth is that EVERYTHING will work for you if you allow it.

To Your Success


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