Perception is Key

fearHow we view things really matters if we are going to be successful in everything that we do in life. In order to get all the benefits that Life has to offer us we have to accept and appreciate each and every aspect of ourselves if we are going to be whole. This includes accepting and appreciating even those things such as our ego, our fearful thoughts, anxiety and doubts because the TRUTH is that they too are serving us well if we will only shift our perspective slightly to see and understand what role they play in All That Is..

The journey to being whole means that you no longer see anything within you as being separate from you. You learn to integrate it all and or resolve it to find “The Gift” that they are bringing to you. By doing this you are utilizing the law of polarity which allows you to shift from the negative end and back to the positive way of looking at things, which really is your natural god-like state.

Everything that God created has both a negative and positive charge to it. For example, most of us including myself were taught that fear is a bad thing and we should avoid those things that make us fearful. Well when you shift your perception ever so slightly, you will recognize that fear can really serve you very well, in fact fear can be your best friend because it will help you uncover things about you that are hidden from your view.

When we become fearful, it is usually because WE are believing in something that does not benefit us. We are usually holding onto a limiting belief and fear is simply trying to signal to us that we are holding onto something that is not serving us well. Fear is asking us to stop and identify what that belief system is.

So next time you become fearful about something stop for a minute and ask yourself, “what would I have to be believing in right now for me to feel this way.” This simple act will opens up new awareness that enables us to identify our limiting belief and to have an opportunity to create a new belief that serves us well.

Practice seeing as God does; for everything that God created was meant to serve us well. we are the masters of our garden. We are the ones who decide how we will use the powerful law of polarity.. The secret is to remember that it applies to EVERYTHING. Choose to see the good in everything in your life and the law of attraction will have to bring more good into your life.

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