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Gossiping is Slow Suicide

My daughter, when you gossip, when you complain, when you judge others; it really is never about them. It is always about YOU. It is  always about your own feelings of unworthiness and lack of self love. For when you love yourself deeply and completely you would never put your life in harms way so […]

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Perception is Key

How we view things really matters if we are going to be successful in everything that we do in life. In order to get all the benefits that Life has to offer us we have to accept and appreciate each and every aspect of ourselves if we are going to be whole. This includes accepting […]

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Fear is Your Friend

Most of my life I was taught to be afraid of one thing or another. This teaching was not done directly but somehow it was passed down to me subconsciously from my peers, teachers, family and society in general. Fear really got such a bad rap that I was so “afraid of being afraid.” People […]

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Your Unique Brand

How to Know if You are Being Called into Your Life Purpose Each one of us has a unique gift to contribute to the world that was given to us by our creator; this gift is our Unique Brand. Like a finger print it is unique to each individual and only speaks to the person […]

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