Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People

images (2)Every failure, pain, hardship, trouble,challenge or problem you have ever encountered was simply preparation for what is to come. Each one of us has a theme, a common thread in our life story that shows up time and time again. This theme is meant to be transformed, transcended and integrated so that we can become our highest most powerful self. For me my theme was heart break; this theme showed up in my life in different forms such sexual, mental, physical and emotional abuse, death of a spouse, divorce, and much more. These challenges were the gifts the Universe was giving me to overcome in order to be my highest most powerful self.

As you go to sleep tonight, if you have been wondering why am I here? What can I do to help others? What is my purpose? I would suggest that you examine your life story and find out what has been the repeated theme? What is the lesson/the gift that the Universe is trying to give you so that you can elevate the lives of others? This theme carries within it the possibility of healing, empowering, motivating and inspiring yourself and others. Inquire within. Find out what your life has prepared you to do!

One thing that I know for sure is that the answer is not outside of you. It doesn’t matter how many books, coaches, teachers etc you will seek to find your purpose. The final answer will have to come from within you. You will first have to connect deeply with your truth before others can see value in it. Your truth, your uniqueness comes from what life has taught you and prepared you to share with the world. You owe it to yourself to find this out. You owe it to yourself to BECOME YOUR HIGHEST MOST POWERFUL SELF

Much Love


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